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Icon Azaka.png
Biography and appearance
Lawful Neutral
DPS / Support
STR 19 (+4) DEX 14 (+2) CON 16 (+3)
INT 11 (0) WIS 9 (-1) CHA 14 (+2)
Base Attack
4.5s Cooldown
Ultimate Attack
380s Cooldown
Eligible for Patrons

Azaka Stormfang is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. She is obtained as reward of the Azaka's Procession - Part 2 Variant of the Tomb of the Nine Gods Adventure.

Azaka is a lycanthrope and switches between human and weretiger form periodically. Her damage increases the longer she's in weretiger form, and she provides a powerful gold find buff while in human form.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Azaka Stormfang was once a guide who operated out of Port Nyanzaru on Chult. She originally concealed her curse of lycanthropy from the champions, as she has lost many friends to that revelation in the past. Her true self was revealed to the Champions after she valiantly helped them collect 3 of the 9 puzzle cubes they needed to defeat the villain Acererak in the Tomb of the Nine Gods. She was killed in the battle, but was able to be resurrected after the champions defeated Acererak's soulmonger. Now, she travels with her new friends, as a champion.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Azaka's transformation

Icon DamageType Melee.png Pick Them Off – Base Attack

Azaka leaps into the air and strikes a random enemy; 33% cleave chance

Ability Azaka Curse of Lycanthropy.png Curse of Lycanthropy – Level 5 Ability

Azaka is a weretiger. After 20 attacks in human form, she changes into a weretiger for 60 seconds, increasing her damage by 100%

Ability Azaka Guiding Hand.png Guiding Hand – Level 25 Ability

Increases all Gold found by 20%. This ability is reduced by 50% while Azaka is in weretiger form

Ability Azaka Adept Traveller.png Adept Traveller – Level 45 Ability

Increases the damage of all Champions by 100% if they are in an exterior location

Ability Azaka Taste for Blood.png Taste for Blood – Level 75 Ability

While in weretiger form, Azaka does an additional 10% more damage per attack (stacking multiplicatively). Resets when she changes back to human form.

Specialization Choice – Level 100

Icon Specialization Resist the Curse.png Resist the Curse
Azaka resists her lycanthropic curse, reducing the amount ot time spent in weretiger form. Reduces the amount of time Azaka spends in weretiger form by 75%
Icon Specialization Lycanthrope Forever.png Lycanthrope Forever
Azaka embraces her lycanthropic curse, decrease the time it takes to enter weretiger form. Reduces the number of attacks needed to trigger Azaka's weretiger transformation by 8

Ultimate Azaka Mask of the Beast.png Mask of the Beast – Level 140 Ultimate Attack

Azaka dons her Mask of the Beast, summoning 2 tigers to her side that attack every 5 seconds. The tigers stay for 30 seconds. If Azaka specs with Lycanthrope Forever the tiger attacks count towards her weretiger transformation, and her weretiger cooldown is paused during her Ultimate. If she specs with Resist the Curse, the tigers' attacks cause enemies to drop gold even if they aren't killed.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Cost Damage Damage All Guiding Hand Adept Traveller Taste for Blood
1 2.50e20 1.00e13
5 1.11e21 Unlock Curse of Lycanthropy
15 4.53e21 +100%
25 8.91e21 Unlock Guiding Hand 20%
40 3.19e22 +100%
45 2.01e22 Unlock Adept Traveller 100%
65 2.01e23 +100%
75 2.62e23 Unlock Taste for Blood 10%
90 9.39e23 +100%
100 1.42e24 Unlock Specialization Choice
115 5.09e24 +100%
140 3.54e25 Unlock Mask of the Beast
160 1.24e26 +100%
170 1.62e26 +100%
195 1.46e27 +200%
205 1.73e27 +100%
230 1.56e28 +100%
255 8.47e28 +200%
290 1.00e30 +100%
315 4.91e30 +100%
350 5.82e31 +200%
375 2.84e32 +100%
385 3.37e32 +100%
410 3.04e33 +100%
430 1.07e34 +100%
490 8.20e35 +200%
500 8.07e35 +200%
515 2.89e36 +100%
555 6.33e37 +100%
615 3.86e39 +100%
625 3.80e39 +100%
645 2.22e40 +100%
670 1.32e41 +200%
690 4.66e41 +100%
705 1.11e42 +100%
740 1.68e43 +100%
750 1.79e43 +100%
780 2.41e44 +100%
815 2.68e45 +100%
825 2.86e45 +100%
865 8.14e46 +200%
950 2.73e49 +300%
1010 1.56e51 +100%
1070 9.05e52 +100%
1100 6.09e53 +100%
1130 4.63e54 +100%
1200 6.03e56 +100%
Total: 6.08e56 7.64e23 3.10e3% 640% 1.44e4% 400%×(1.1ⁿ−1)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Slot Icon Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic
1 Icon Equipment Azaka Scimitar3.png Increases the damage of Azaka 50%
Shiny 75%
Shiny 187.5%
Shiny 300%
Shiny 525%
Golden 700%
2 Icon Equipment Azaka PuzzleCube3.png Increases the damage of all Champions 10%
Shiny 15%
Shiny 97.5%
Shiny 180%
Shiny 345%
Golden 460%
3 Icon Equipment Azaka CoinPouch3.png Increases the effect of Azaka's Guiding Hand ability 25%
Shiny 37.5%
Shiny 131.25%
Shiny 225%
Shiny 412.5%
Golden 550%
4 Icon Equipment Azaka ToothEarring3.png Increases the effect of Azaka's Taste for Blood ability 25%
Shiny 37.5%
Shiny 131.25%
Shiny 225%
Shiny 412.5%
Golden 550%
5 Icon Equipment Azaka MapOfChult3.png Increases the effect of Azaka's Adept Traveller ability 25%
Shiny 37.5%
Shiny 131.25%
Shiny 225%
Shiny 412.5%
Golden 550%
6 Icon Equipment Azaka MaskOfTheBeast3.png Reduces the cooldown on Azaka's Ultimate Attack 10s
Shiny 15s
Shiny 28.5s
Shiny 57s
Shiny 142.5s
Golden 190s

Feats[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at levels 80 and 1600. Cost to upgrade from level 1200 to 1600 is Icon Coin.png 3.45e68.

Icon Description Source
Icon Feat SelfDPS.png Tavern Brawler
Increases the damage of Azaka by 30%
Icon Feat SelfDPS.png Grappler
Increases the damage of Azaka by 60%
Icon Gems.png 12,500
Icon Feat GlobalDPS.png Selflessness
Increases the damage of all Champions by 10%
Icon Feat GlobalDPS.png Inspiring Leader
Increases the damage of all Champions by 25%
Icon Gems.png 12,500
Icon Feat GoldFind.png Lucky
Increases all Gold found by 25%
Icon Gold Chest.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Azaka originally appeared in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign.

Spotlight: Azaka

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