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Icon Strix.png

Icon Bee Strix.png

Biography and appearance
Chaotic Good
DPS / Support
Waffle Crew
STR 10 (0) DEX 12 (+1) CON 14 (+2)
INT 16 (+3) WIS 11 (0) CHA 18 (+4)
Base Attack
6.5s Cooldown
Ultimate Attack
270s Cooldown
Eligible for Patrons

Strix Beestinger is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. She is obtained from the Festival of Fools Event.

Strix deals massive but slow AoE damage with her fireballs. She also causes enemies who get too close to take more damage from everyone.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The sorcerer known as Strix hails from Sigil, the City of Doors at the center of the multiverse. Very little is known of Strix's heritage, even to herself, but it was recently discovered that she was a powerful member of the Skizziks family, who long ago made a pact with Asmodeus, ruler of the Nine Hells, to become Tieflings. Strix is careful, suspicious, and paranoid. She assumes the worst in everyone and is always ready to run away or hide. She lacks basic manners and maintains poor personal hygiene, exemplified by the collection of filthy oddities she hoards within her robes. As a child, Strix witnessed a shadowy creature slaughter her friends at the bakery where she worked, but was spared for unknown reasons. Her survivor's guilt drives her to try and help those in need, no matter the personal cost.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon DamageType Magic.png Fireball – Base Attack

Strix throws a fireball at a random enemy, dealing a small amount of aoe damage.

Ability Strix Poor Hygiene.png Poor Hygiene – Level 25 Ability

Enemies approaching your formation take 100% more damage due to Strix's unique odour

Ability Strix Death Ward.png Death Ward – Level 50 Ability

If a Champion within 2 slots of Strix is about to be killed, Strix revives them at 50% of their max health, and takes 50% of her max health in damage (if she can take that much damage without dying, can only fire once every 30 seconds)

Specialization Choice – Level 75

Icon Specialization Panic!.png Panic!
Strix panics and attacks faster if any of her allies have recently been attacked. Strix's Base Attack cooldown is reduced by 1 second if any ally in the formation is under attack
Icon Specialization Hide!.png Hide!
Strix hides and therefore attacks a little less often, but does more damage with each attack. Strix's Base Attack cooldown is permanently increased by 1 second, but their damage is also increased by 20%

Ultimate Strix Polymorph Staff.png Polymorph Staff – Level 100 Ultimate Attack

Strix's staff polymorphs into a pie plate, an owlbear plushy, or a flying broom, and changes her base attack for a brief period of time.

  • Strix attacks with her Flame Blade pie plate dealing 5x the damage of her regular attacking, and hitting a nearby enemy with that same damage as well
  • Strix's Owlbear companion, Waffles, attacks in her stead. Waffles starts doing 3x Strix's damage, and does 2x the damage each attack for 5 attacks.
  • While on her flying broom, Strix's attack speed and damage are increased by 100%

Ability Strix Haunted.png Haunted – Level 125 Ability

Increases the damage of all Champions by 100% for each ally in the formation that is defeated (stacks additively)

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Cost Damage Damage All Poor Hygiene Haunted
1 3.50e16 2.50e11
10 4.56e17 +100%
25 2.23e18 Unlock Poor Hygiene 100%
40 8.13e18 +100%
50 1.53e19 Unlock Death Ward
55 1.43e19 +200%
70 1.08e20 +100%
75 8.01e19 Icon Specialization Hide!.png +20% Unlock Specialization Choice
90 6.05e20 +100%
100 1.14e21 Unlock Polymorph Staff
115 5.21e21 +100%
125 9.82e21 Unlock Haunted 100%
130 9.16e21 +200%
145 6.92e22 +100%
170 7.27e23 +100%
190 3.79e24 +100%
210 2.12e25 +200%
245 5.01e26 +100%
250 2.84e26 +100%
270 3.73e27 +100%
285 1.20e28 +100%
295 2.26e28 +200%
310 1.04e29 +100%
330 6.57e29 +100%
360 9.82e30 +200%
365 5.72e30 +100%
395 2.00e32 +100%
445 1.59e34 +200%
470 1.23e35 +100%
510 4.23e36 +100%
550 1.33e38 +100%
580 1.68e39 +300%
595 4.81e39 +100%
625 8.13e40 +100%
655 1.08e42 +200%
700 5.52e43 +200%
750 4.13e45 +100%
800 3.07e47 +200%
825 2.38e48 +200%
850 2.05e49 +300%
900 1.70e51 +200%
935 3.34e52 +100%
975 1.07e54 +100%
1010 2.14e55 +200%
1045 4.38e56 +200%
Total: 4.60e56 7.19e24
Icon Specialization Hide!.png 8.63e24
3.50e3% 5.40e3% 800%

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Slot Icon Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic
1 Icon Equipment Strix SnickettySnooks3.png Increases the damage of Strix 50%
Shiny 75%
Shiny 187.5%
Shiny 300%
Shiny 525%
Golden 700%
2 Icon Equipment Strix Hat3.png Increases the damage of Strix 50%
Shiny 75%
Shiny 187.5%
Shiny 300%
Shiny 525%
Golden 700%
3 Icon Equipment Strix JarOfAshes3.png Increases the damage of all Champions 10%
Shiny 15%
Shiny 97.5%
Shiny 180%
Shiny 345%
Golden 460%
4 Icon Equipment Strix PileOfGarbage3.png Increases the effect of Strix's Poor Hygiene ability 25%
Shiny 37.5%
Shiny 131.25%
Shiny 225%
Shiny 412.5%
Golden 550%
5 Icon Equipment Strix Staff3.png Increases the damage of Strix while one of her Ultimates is active 25%
Shiny 37.5%
Shiny 131.25%
Shiny 225%
Shiny 412.5%
Golden 550%
6 Icon Equipment Strix Cloak3.png Reduces the cooldown on Strix's Ultimate Attack 7s
Shiny 10.5s
Shiny 21s
Shiny 40.5s
Shiny 102s
Golden 136s

Golden Gear

  • Slot 1: Received from buying Buff Weekend Chest
  • Slot 3: Received from buying Festival of Fools gold chests with real money the first time.

Feats[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at levels 155 and 1345. Cost to upgrade from level 1045 to 1345 is Icon Coin.png 7.78e67.

Icon Description Source
Icon Feat SelfDPS.png Adept
Increases the damage of Strix by 30%
Icon Feat SelfDPS.png Elementalist
Increases the damage of Strix by 60%
Icon Gems.png 12,500
Icon Feat GlobalDPS.png Selflessness
Increases the damage of all Champions by 10%
Icon Feat GlobalDPS.png Inspiring Leader
Increases the damage of all Champions by 25%
Icon Gold Chest.png
Icon Feat UpgradeFA.png Water Conservationist
Increases the effect of Strix's Poor Hygiene ability by 40%
Icon Gems.png 12,500

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Strix is a character created by Holly Conrad.

Media[edit | edit source]