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Time Gates in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms allow the player to revisit past events.

Description[edit | edit source]

Time gates open automatically on weekends when no Events are happening, about once every three weeks. They can also be opened by collecting 6 Icon Time Gate Piece.png Time Gate Pieces, which drop from bosses and can be purchased from Patrons.

When the gate opens, the player can choose one of three event champions and play their adventure. The gate remains open for 72 hours.

Time Gate adventures grant Mystra's Favor Mystra's Favor, which can be converted to Divine Favor in one of the main campaigns once the gate closes.

The first time you open a particular time gate, reaching level 50 unlocks the champion and awards one of their gold chests. Reaching level 75 on another run awards a second chest. After that, you can continue to play to accumulate more Favor, but no more chests are available until the Time Gate opens again.

If you open the same gate a second time, gold chests are awarded at level 100 and 125, and so on.

If the gate closes before you have claimed both chests, and you used 6 Time Gate Pieces to open the gate, you will be refunded one Time Gate Piece for each unclaimed chest.